Elements of E-marketing

Before we start talking about the Elements of  E-marketing and what marketing is and its basic activities. We should clarify first some of the basic concepts that it is necessary for anyone interested in the field of marketing to be familiar with.

Elements of E-marketing

About marketing

Marketing doesn’t mean advertising:

Philip Kotler states in his famous book (Kotler on Marketing) that “One of the most common types of confusion is the perception of marketing and selling as one thing.

This is not the view of many of the general public, but the view of many businessmen. Selling is part of marketing, but marketing includes more things than selling. ” A large number of companies believe that they can get the volume you want from direct mail trade.

We find that the postal order companies have the right to do so.

On the contrary, we find that most companies need a large number of other marketing weapons in order to be able to support direct mail and achieve its success.

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Marketing doesn’t mean sponsored posts:

Many companies compete with each other to be able to produce a flyer about the benefits that they provide.

Then they go on to praise themselves for creating a quality post.

The question here is:

Is that post-marketing?

It is an important aspect of your plan and that happens when it mixes with ten or fifteen important parts.

Marketing is not an entertainment industry. This is because marketers do not work in the entertainment industry.

This means that marketing is not intended as entertainment.

Elements of  E-marketing

Many people confuse the concepts of marketing and selling as one thing. But the right thing is that selling is part of the marketing process.

It is the outer shell of the marketing process.  Marketing is one of the best forms of investment in the world. And that if it is implemented in the right way in addition to proper planning and patience.

Marketing cannot work miracles in a blink of an eye.

the product

The product is the first essential element of marketing and it is the cornerstone element of Elements of  E-marketing. It is any good or service that a company provides to customers. It is imperative that this product provides a certain benefit to consumers. Or it is marinated until consumers think they want to have it. All information on product details must be provided so that marketers are fully aware of it. So that the marketing process takes place successfully.

  • In addition, business managers should have a plan so that they can handle products at every stage.


Price is an important component of marketing, as it is the amount that the consumer pays.

There are a number of industries that charge only a small symbolic price for their products.

While there are other industries that collect huge profit margins. This is because their products are in great demand by the public, marketers should also consider display costs, and competitor prices, and seasonal discounts because corporate executives can raise the price.

This is until the product appears to be a luxury product. They may also lower its price at other times. This is so that more consumers can try it.

In addition to the necessity to ensure that marketers determine the appropriate time for the discounting of the price.

Elements of  E-marketing


Promotion is one of the most important elements of marketing. This is because it includes sales promotion and ads that include TV ads. Internet advertisements, print media, billboards, and public relations, and other methods fall under the advertising umbrella. Public Relations carries out the task of distributing press releases to various media outlets.

Whereas trade shows fall into the category of sales promotion.

The place

The location component is the place where the product is stored, or manufactured. We find that the Internet has provided a tremendous development in terms of selling and distributing products. From small local companies to international companies. The location strategy also includes where to advertise the product.

Such as radio, commercials, magazines, online ads, and others.


People are the fifth component of marketing to the four essentials.

The marketing process can fail, especially when there are people who do not have the ability to implement it properly, even if there is a good marketing strategy.

Therefore it is imperative to allocate sufficient time during which the team is properly recruited, trained, monitored, and the requirements of its members reviewed.

It also searches for people who have an important role and vision in the progress of the company.

The E-marketing process

It is an administrative and social process, through which the consumer or the target group can obtain the product, whether it is a good or service. E-Marketing can also be defined as the activities and efforts exerted by the product in order to facilitate the arrival of the good, service, or idea to the consumer, the buyer, or whoever needs it.

So that the social or economic benefit is achieved for the producer, the consumer, and the society.

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